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Essential Spirit Counseling

& Spiritual Direction

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground."

- Rumi


     Your essential spirit is the vital inner force that pulls you away from emotional suffering toward that which is joyful and life-giving.  We can help you to discover and deepen your sense of that essential spirit within you. 
We offer counseling therapy services and spiritual direction in a safe, non-judgmental, LGBTQIA-affirming and supportive environment. Travel 
paths that are healing, renewing, and sustaining.


Ways We Can Help

Counseling Services

  may be beneficial if you are struggling with:

  • anxiety

  • medical crises/end of life issues

  • grief and loss

  • professional and personal life transitions

  • chronic illness

  • work and/or family and relationship stress

  • traumatic experience or history

  • living into LGBTQIA identity

  • depression

  • shaky self-confidence and esteem

Grief Groups

     If you've lost a loved one to death, consider joining a grief group. Regular free drop-in grief groups meet at the Lacey Senior Center on the second Friday of every month and on the fourth Friday of every month at the downtown Olympia Senior Center. Both meet from 2:00-3:30 PM. Both are open to the public. When there is enough interest, Essential Spirit Counseling also hosts an evening grief group on Thursdays once a month, as well; advance registration and a fee is required to attend the evening group. Contact us below for more information.

 Therapeutic Approach


     We can all get stuck and be overwhelmed, mentally and emotionally. As a counselor, my therapeutic approach is to look for ways to free clients from old patterns that are causing them pain and problems, and partner with the client to develop better tools and skills for living life.


     My therapeutic strategy varies. My background as an educator means that I always emphasize clients' possibilities for development, learning and growth. Much of my work utilizes cognitive behavioral, solution-focused brief therapy, EMDR, family systems, and somatic approaches. I incorporate spiritual or pastoral dimensions to therapy only as appropriate to client wishes and needs. I offer an introductory in-office consultation visit free of charge, because it's important you find a counselor with whom you're comfortable and compatible.


What is Spiritual Direction?

       Spiritual direction is a process of exploration and learning about your spiritual path with someone trained in listening, reflection and discernment. Spiritual directors serve as companions as you move forward, meeting you "where ever you are" on your individual journey, learning to live more fully in the present moment and to imagine the possibilities that lie ahead. Clients come from a variety of faith and spiritual backgrounds; many are spiritual independents.

 Spiritual Direction can be helpful if you seek:

  • spiritual care and pastoral support amidst loss and change 

  • deepening of your spiritual or faith life 

  • opportunities to ponder "big meaning" questions (love, death, mystery, eternity, mortality...)

  • wider understanding of spiritual practices and religious traditions

  • better integration of your spiritual, relational and professional identity

  • strengthening of your ability to be fully present in daily life


Spiritual Direction Services


    My name is Jill Komura, and I provide counseling and spiritual direction to adults and adolescents at Essential Spirit Counseling in Olympia, Washington. I hold an LMHCA license in Washington state, a Masters in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, a Masters in Divinity from Seattle University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Washington Law School, and a Bachelors in History from the University of California.

     I opened a private counseling and spiritual direction practice after nearly thirty years helping people of all ages grow in their personal understanding as a chaplain, pastor, teacher, coach, counselor, and advisor. Raised in one of the Japanese Buddhist traditions, I am seminary educated and ordained in the United Church of Christ, one of the most progressive of the Protestant denominations. My perspective on religious and spiritual matters is broad and inclusive, and spirituality is just one of many lenses through which I approach my work.


      I am especially committed to helping adults struggling with anxiety, grief, life transitions, medical diagnoses, traumatic experience, and questions about relationships. I also work to support LGBTQ people looking to explore their faith lives after years in abusive church settings and families, and look for opportunities to provide support to healthcare providers and first responders coping with the stress and trauma of their work.

     If you feel that talking to me might be helpful for you or someone whom you care about, please contact me.


Location & Rates 


     Our Olympia office is located conveniently downtown, within blocks of the Intercity Transit Center.There is an elevator from the lobby on the first floor. After your initial visits, telehealth sessions may be available.



     We offer an initial half hour in-office consultation visit free of charge. Regular student and senior rates are available. At Essential Spirit Counseling, our mission is to create equitable access to our services. Because we do not take 3rd party or insurance reimbursement at this time, we offer a regular rate schedule and a  sliding scale based on your income and need. Payment is due at the time of each session with cash, check, or card. 

Fee Schedule                                               Regular Sliding Scale


        Standard Individual Appointment

          (55 Minute Session)                                 $40-$80


        Initial Intake/Extended/Couples

        (85 Minute Session)                                   $60-$120 






Office/VM Phone:      360-539-1230



Mailing Address:    P.O. Box 7307

                                Olympia, WA 98507

Office Location:  Olympia, Washington